NowPublic – Intellectual Property Rights ignored?

NowPublic was a crowd-sourced citizen journalism site based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, founded by Michael Tippett, Leonard Brody and Michael E. Meyers in 2005.

In addition to its contributors, NowPublic also had a content-sharing agreement with the Associated Press. The crowd-sourced site was so successful that Time Magazine called NowPublic one of the 50 Best Websites of 2007.

Mainstream media types may gripe about the absence of safeguards ensuring the validity of news reported by the blogosphere, but nowhere are the merits of citizen journalism more apparent than at NowPublic. At this “participatory news network,” a.k.a. bastion of “crowd-powered media,” anyone can write a story, or upload images, audio or video. Whatever gets the most votes from the reading masses—the site gets about 1 million unique visitors per month—ends up as the lead story. (NowPublic has “guest editors,” “wranglers” and an “actual news guy” who keep an eye on things, giving advice to contributing reporters and shepherding the best, most timely stuff through, but nobody on staff makes actual editing changes to the content.)

NowPublic now counts nearly 97,000 contributing reporters in more than 140 countries around the world. During Hurricane Katrina, NowPublic was there; eight contributors filed on-the-scene reports from London’s Heathrow Airport during the August 2006 terrorism lockdown—while the regular press was forced to wait outside. On June 6 NowPublic’s coverage of a storm in Oman made it to the top of the AOL and Yahoo news sites.

In September 2009 NowPublic was acquired by Clarity Digital Group (CDG). Clarity is solely owned by the Anschutz company, an investment company located in Denver, Colorado. According to reports, Leonard Brody assumed the position of President of the Clarity Digital Group and Michael Tippet became the CEO of NowPublic after the sale.

In December 2013 Clarity closed the NowPublic site and redirected it to

Read the Rest at – NowPublic – Why were Intellectual Property Rights ignored? : Politisite.

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Did YouTube allow Al Jazeera to steal viral video ‘Girls on Fox News’

By Albert N. Milliron

On June 1, 2013, the Arab network Al Jazeera program ‘Listening Post‘ featured viral video ‘The Girls on Fox News‘ by country music artist Austin Cunningham.  What happened after that is like someone borrowing your car and then registering the vehicle as their own.

Austin Cunningham, country music artist, is the rightful author of the viral video, 'The Girls on Fox News'

Austin Cunningham, country music artist, is the rightful author of the viral video, ‘The Girls on Fox News’

Austin Cunningham was excited that his video was getting worldwide exposure but, when he went to his YouTube channel he noticed that he received a “false content ID” claim and a “Copyright strike” against him for using content that appeared on, you guessed it, Al Jazeera.  Cunningham further contends that YouTube allowed Al Jazeera to access his YouTube settings and monetize the video.

Cunningham, when speaking to Politisite, stated that he was careful to follow copyright laws and utilized Fox News footage under ‘Fair Use‘.  Fair use under copyright law is the doctrine that permits limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders providing that the work is properly attributed to the copyright holder.

“So if anyone were to have a copyright issue with my song, you would think it would be Fox News channel, not Al Jazeera” said Cunningham.

Cunningham has found himself in the middle of problems with YouTube policies that have been an issue for others for the last two years.  Artists who have a content ID or copyright strike against them didn’t have an adequate appeals process,  that is,  until last year.  In October 2012, the YouTube blog posted a story called, ‘Improving Content ID’ which outlined the appropriate procedures to appeal a content ID strike against a posted video on the YouTube platform.

But Cunningham is wondering if this process is working. Austin told Politisite, he appealed to YouTube some two weeks ago along with an email to Al Jazeera for initiating the copyright infringement claim.  He related he hasn’t heard back from either.

Austin says, he doesn’t know why his video, ‘Girls on Fox News‘ was singled out or the reasons Al Jazeera made this claim against him when he is the true author of the video.  “I wonder if some tech at Al Jazeera contacted some tech at YouTube and just made a poor decision”, “I certainly hope this is not standard practice on the internet”

Austin says, “I am just a musician trying to write songs for my fans”, “I am not an internet technological genius”, “I just want to entertain my fans.”

So until the Al Jazeera, YouTube problem is worked out, Austin Cunningham is currently entertaining those fans in Texas.

Aug 1, 2013


Courtyard Theater

Plano, TX


Aug 16, 2013



Midland, TX


Aug 17, 2013



San Angelo, TX


Aug 20, 2013

6:00 PM

North Texas State Fair

Denton, TX


Aug 27, 2013

7:00 PM

Cadillac Pizza Pub

Mckinney, TX


Sep 20, 2013

8:00 PM

Back Forty Smokehouse

North Richland Hills, TX


 See More at Austin Cunningham – Tour Page.

You can Follow Austin Cunningham on Facebook here or here and on Twitter at @AustinSongs



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Filmmakers Call on RNC to “Free Raffi Williams!”

GOP’s Minority and Youth Gaps Not Being Publicly Addressed or Solved

Trenton, NJ – July 30, 2013–Fear Of A Black Republican filmmakers, Kevin and Tamara Williams urge the Republican National Committee to free its Deputy Press Secretary in charge of communications outreach to African American and young voters. Raffi Williams (no relation to the two Filmmakers) was hired by the Republican National Committee earlier this year and charged with improving the Republican Party’s relationship with African American and other minorities.

raffiwilliamsSince that time, the RNC also hired other employees for its highly-publicized $10 million Growth & Opportunity campaign to make the Party more attractive to voters who look like the changing face of a diverse America. However, as the head of the minority outreach, Raffi Williams has made few national television media appearances and did not attend the annual NAACP Convention nor publicly speak to the assembled Urban League Convention held last week.Filmmaker Kevin Williams said, “Earlier this year, the Republican National Committee committed to spending $10,000,000 on outreach to minority groups but we’ve seen no real action. Instead, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is back to the same passive routines, ignoring new voters and traveling to Iowa to prepare for the 2016 Presidential Campaign and the 2014 mid-term elections. If our Chairman won’t speak to African Americans in a public forum, why not let Raffi Williams?”

In January 2013, before the RNC’s Winter Meeting, Kevin and Tamara Williams asked the RNC to get serious about engaging minorities. “Soon the National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists will be holding their annual conventions. Will the RNC blow off these important minority gatherings? Again, we call upon the RNC to lead from the front and send our Party’s Chairman or a qualified representative like Raffi Williams to speak to the Convention body and then meet with the journalists attending both Conventions,” said the filmmakers.

Producer Tamara Williams said, “With unemployment being as bad as it is for African Americans and minorities in cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and Trenton… it is inconceivable why the Republican Party would not forcefully take its message to as many people as possible.” Co-Producer, Kevin Williams, went further, “The clock is running on the RNC to do what they’ve been promising for six months to start earning the black, minority and youth votes. The RNC hired Raffi Williams to play a high-profile role, yet most of our country has never heard of him. Raffi and others were hired to bring the Party of Lincoln back to its roots of inclusion. Our message is simple… Free Raffi Williams!”

The Filmmakers also stated that they are issuing this call without Raffi Williams’ assent, knowledge or request. Producer Tamara Williams stated, “No one may have asked the RNC to attend African American-centric conferences, but the RNC should make every effort to show up at these events. During the RNC Summer Meeting next month in Boston, RNC staff should be publicly meeting with minorities in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood to show they are serious about inclusion and preparing our Party for the future America to come.”

For more information or to contact Kevin and Tamara Williams, Producers of FEAR OF A BLACK REPUBLICAN, please e-mail them at or phone at (609).635.9750. The film’s website is

. . .

More Info:

fobrTo view FEAR OF A BLACK REPUBLICAN’s trailers or get more film information, please visit MEDIA ONLY – For interviews or stories, please contact the film’s Producer – Tamara Williams via e-mail at or (609)-656-7887. The filmmakers can also be contacted via social media on Twitter (@FearOfABlackRep) and Facebook (Fear Of A Black Republican).

The film and its filmmakers have received Print, TV and Radio coverage from the Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Current TV’s The War Room With Jennifer Granholm, BET News, LA Weekly, Huffington Post Live, Christian Broadcasting Network’s The Brody Files, Al Jazeera’s INSIDE STORY, the Mark Davis Radio Show, Steve Deace Show, Michael Eric Dyson Show, Bob Grant Show, Chris Stigall Show, Victoria Taft Show, The Voice of Russia, Politisite and many others.

# # #


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Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Foreign Policy debate Live

Tonight Politisite will be streaming the third and final Presidential debate live with a focus on Foreign Policy.

The debate between President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney will begin at 9 p.m. eastern time and 6 p.m. pacific at Lynn University in Baca Raton, Florida.

The moderator will be Bob Schieffer of CBS News. Topics will include, but not limited to:

  • America’s role in the world
  • Our longest war – Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Red Lines – Israel and Iran
  • The Changing Middle East and the New Face of Terrorism – I
  • The Changing Middle East and the New Face of Terrorism – II
  • The Rise of China and Tomorrow’s World

Comprehensive coverage of the debate can be seen at the following outlets:

Continue reading Watch the Foreign Policy Presidential Debate Live Online


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Mastering Google Search – Inside the elusive Algorithm

Search engine, digital advertising, and now emerging social media powerhouse Google has always played its cards close to the chest in relation to the factors that influence search result positioning.

In the past few months, however, the company has made very public efforts to educate and inform the Web community about the hundreds of algorithm changes and tweaks it makes on a yearly basis.

November and December saw the first of these public notices, and while there is a great deal of room left for interpretation for search engine optimization professionals, few would disagree that many of the insights shared are actually quite actionable.

Let’s take a peek into Google’s black box and analyze what these changes mean for digital marketers.

■ Google indicated that it is now more likely to pick text from the actual page content, and less likely to use text that is part of a header or menu, for use in the snippets that appear on search results. While Google has long disregarded most page meta data (meta keywords, titles and description), this change indicates to many that spending more time optimizing page content and sitewide experience will yield better results on the search results pages.

■ Perhaps most significant, particularly for those responsible for link building, Google indicated that it has begun deprecating the value of anchor text within inbound links in the influence of search result page titles. This means that all of the work SEO professionals have put into varying the anchor text used in their link-building campaigns may ultimately be for naught. Instead of concentrating on the variations of relevant keyword anchor text, perhaps it is best to provide more in the way of strong calls to action.

■ As applications for mobile, the desktop and even the browser continue to become popular, Google has made strides in helping developers provide an additional layer of information. By extending coverage to include applicationrich snippets, consumers searching for different applications will begin encountering information about the apps such as reviews, ratings, offers (where it can be found), cost, date published, OS required and more, including file size, format and even the features provided.

Read more at  Mastering Search

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General Interest Media Updates

Boston Globe loses reporter to POLITICO


Donovan Slack (@donovanslack) has been named a senior reporter at POLITICO (@politico), where she will cover the White House and the Obama administration. She will also contribute to POLITICO 44 (@politico44), a blog that chronicles the Obama presidency. Slack most recently was a White House reporter for The Boston Globe (@globemetro) based at the Washington, D.C. bureau. For more information, call 703-647-7999.

BuzzFeed nabs politics reporter from Business Insider


Zeke Miller will join BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) as a politics reporter in January 2012. He comes to the site from Business Insider (@BusinessInsider), where he was a reporter for the Politix vertical. Follow Miller on Twitter at @ZekeJMiller. For more information, visit

Longtime Philadelphia Daily News sports columnist retires


Bill Conlin retired from his post as a sports columnist at the Philadelphia Daily News, a position he held since 1987. He joined the paper in 1965, and served as a baseball reporter from 1966 to 1987. Conlin also appeared in more than 300 episodes of ESPN‘s Sunday morning roundtable show The Sports Reporters. To learn more, call 215-854-2000.

New beat for Arizona Republic reporter


Reporter Rebekah L. Sanders joined The Arizona Republic politics team and is now covering the 2012 U.S. congressional elections. Previously, she covered business and enterprise in the West Valley region of Phoenix, as well as Glendale, Ariz. city hall and the Phoenix Coyotes hockey team. Sanders is available on Twitter at @RebekahLSanders and The Arizona Republic can be found at @ArizonaRepublic. For more information, call 602-444-6935.

KDEN-TV names news director


Maria Rozman has been promoted to news director at KDEN-TV. She will continue to serve as evening anchor and executive producer. Before joining KDEN-TV in August 2011, Rozman was an anchor at KCEC-TV. To learn more, call 303-338-2390.

Star-News gains education reporter


Pressley Baird joined the Star-News in Wilmington, N.C. as an education reporter covering higher education. Previously, she was the universal editor at The Charlotte Observer. Follow Baird on Twitter at @pressleybaird and the Star-News is available at @starnewsonline. To learn more, contact 910-343-2000.

KMGH-TV scores sports reporter


Arran Andersen (@arranandersen) joined KMGH-TV (@DenverChannel), the ABC Television Network affiliate in Denver, as a sports reporter and weekend sports anchor. He previously served as host of MORE Access on KVVU-TV (@fox5vegas). Contact 303-832-0200 for further information.

Bloomberg News prepares for the 2012 election, staff changes


Bloomberg News has announced various changes to staff at the Washington, D.C. bureau for upcoming 2012 campaign coverage. Albert R. Hunt (@AlHuntDC) has been named Washington editor, overseeing coverage of the U.S. elections. Executive editor based in San Francisco, Susan Goldberg (@susanbgoldberg), has taken over for Hunt as Washington executive editor. Michael Tackett (@tackettdc) is now managing editor for government. Cesca Antonelli has taken over for Tackett’s former position as Washington bureau chief and managing editor. Team leader for telecom, cable and media coverage, Peter Elstrom (@pelstrom), is now managing editor for company news. Joe Winski is now managing editor for government contracts. Lastly, editor at large Tim Franklin (@TimAFranklin), has been named managing editor for regulation and policy. To learn more, call 202-624-1956.

Reporter joins Talking Points Memo blog


Nick Martin (@nickmartin) has joined TPMMuckraker (@tpmmuckraker) as a reporter covering corruption, crime and extremist groups in the U.S. The blog is affiliated with Talking Points Memo. To learn more, visit

Another staff change at DCist


Aaron Morrissey is no longer a weekend co-editor at DCist. His departure is part of larger staff changes at the outlet, as previously covered by the Navigator. DCist can be found on Twitter at @DCist_Updates. To learn more, visit

via General Interest Media Updates.

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CNN star Piers Morgan faces UK media inquiry

CNN star Piers Morgan faces UK media inquiry

via News from The Associated Press.

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