Five Star Shortwave Receivers – AOR thru Icom

Grundig Satelit 700 recives top reviews and has a price of $260-390

This is a list if the highest rated shortwave receivers on the Used market.  Next to the radio there is an average purchase price range.  This list has radios from AOR thru Icom

AOR AR7030Used Price: $530-1410

Drake R7Used Price: $700-1100

Drake R7AUsed Price: $800-1200

Drake R8Used Price: $400-850

Drake R8AUsed Price: $650-750

Drake R8BUsed Price: $900-1350

Drake SW2Used Price: $380-490

Drake SW8Used Price: $350-570

Grundig Satellit 400Used Price: $150-200

Grundig Satellit 500Used Price: $250-360

Grudig Satellit 700Used Price: $300-490

Grundig Satellit 800Used Price: $250-360

Grundig YB-400Used Price: $60-100

ICOM R71AUsed Price: $340-390


About Albert N Milliron

I am the Founder of and cofounder of Double Take Guidance
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