13 Android apps for mobile journalists

Contrary to popular belief, the 21st century journalist isn’t all that different to the hacks of days gone by. The skills required today are broadly similar to what was needed 50 years ago – they must have meticulous attention to detail, leave no stone unturned as they strive to unravel the truth behind a story. And above all else, they must be ethically-inclined…in theory, at least.

But the tools of the trade today are very different. Out is the payphone and little black book of contacts, and in is the Twitter account, smartphone and other gadgets that can transform a simple hack into an editor, reporter, cameraman, photographer…and whatever else may be required to submit a story.

And in a week it was revealed that Android has almost half of the total smartphone market sewn up, here’s a look at a handful of Android apps that can help journalists harness the power of their pocket rocket to get a story from the streets onto the Web.

Tape-a-Talk: A simple voice recorder

Any self-respecting hack will require easy, instant access to a recording device. Tape-a-Talk is a simple, but pretty good quality voice recorder.

You can set the app to record high quality (.wav/pcm) and low quality (3gp) recordings, and it will let you pause recordings too (for .wav files), something that many of the basic recorders don’t allow. And long-clicking on a recorded file gives you the option of sending, renaming or deleting the file. You can also set the sample rate (8-44khz) and sample format (8/16 bit). The basic version of Tape-a-Talk is free, but you can upgrade to a pro version for about £3.50, which has additional features such as fast-forward/rewind recordings, and you can also splice recordings too.

There are countless other simple audio recording apps too, such as Voice Recorder and VoiceTask, the latter of which is pretty good for easy emailing of recordings.

See the other 12 at  13 Android apps for mobile journalists – TNW Apps.


About Albert N Milliron

I am the Founder of Politisite.com and cofounder of Double Take Guidance
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