Auction Vintage Tandy TRS-80 PT-210 Portable Data Terminal

Near Mint Vintage Tandy TRS-80 PT-210 Portable Data Terminal (catalog number 76-1001)

Serial Number 46102372

This is a Near mint example of the Trash 80 PT-210 Portable Data Terminal. It is extremely rare in any condition. The only other I am aware of is in the Computer Museum in Austin Texas at the The San Francisco State University Mind Machine Museum.

The TRS-80 PT-210 Portable Terminal (catalog number 76-1001) was a mobile dumb terminal that provided a way for travelers to access remote computers while on the road. Introduced by Radio Shack in late 1982 for a price of $995.00, the PT-210 was promoted with the slogan “Now there’s a TRS-80 you can take with you on business trips!”

The PT-210 weighed 15 pounds and came in a briefcase-style case. It contained a full-size 53-key keyboard, an acoustic coupler that communicated at 110 or 300 baud, and a “whisper-quiet” thermal printer. The catalog description stated:

Now you can access a computer from anywhere in the country by phone with Radio Shack’s new PT-210 Portable Terminal. It couldn’t be easier to use. Just slip in the detachable AC line cord, dial a phone number and slip the telephone handset into the PT-210’s built-in acoustic coupler—micro, mini, or mainframe!

The PT-210 was supposedly quite popular with IRS agents and business travelers, but its appeal was obviously limited. Radio Shack reduced the price of the PT-210 to $795.00 for their 1984 catalog, but it disappeared from the catalog after that.

What you Get:

The TRS-80 PT-210 Portable Data Terminal w/built-in printer and acoustic modem
(turns on seems to work, Not fully tested)
Plug in Cable for AC outlet
1 roll of printer Paper
( I will attempt to locate documentation)

Please ask any questions you have.

Shipping weight will be 27 Pounds via USPS or UPS
I will ship to Museums overseas if all Duty, Shipping are covered by buyer

Good Luck

To Bid on the auction  eBay (item 230627746523 end time Jun-04-11 12:34:17 PDT).


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